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If your AdSense application is rejected, you are not the only one. Hundreds of accounts are blocked by the Google AdSense program every day. AdSense is the best online advertising provider and it is very frustrating to be excluded from using the platform. AdSense has strict rules and urges you to block websites. Depending on your niche, AdSense might be the best solution, but it might not generate much income. Fortunately, there are other platforms where you can add or contact your AdSense earnings when your website is blocked. These alternatives include:

1. Ezoic.com

Ezoic is a Google Certified Partner and one of the oldest advertising platforms. Ezoic also introduces web testing and recommends improvements to optimize user experience. Various website layouts, ad positions and types are tested. This placement is tested on tablets, mobile devices, and computing devices to determine the combination that generates the most revenue.

Ezoic checks information about how long users stay on your website and how many pages they are looking for. Improved user experience not only increases visitor traffic, but also better ranking in search engines. Ezoic uses machine-made learning to identify winning combinations.

Ezoic has a free blogger plan that makes money by including ads at the bottom of your website. Paid plans start at $ 49 / month and you can get up to $ 1000 every month. The minimum payment for the website is $ 20, which you can download using check, PayPal, Dwolla ID, Dwolla email, and Payoneer transfers.

Ezoic is Google certified and can display more advertisements on your website than you can. He uses a lot of ad networks and can therefore choose high-quality and high-paying ones. This platform also ensures that you do not violate the advertiser's terms. Another advantage of Ezoic is that it can be integrated into any content management system.

2. Media.net

Media.net is one of the top alternatives for AdSense. He serves as an ad provider for Bing and Yahoo. It prides itself on offering innovative advertising services to advertisers and publishers. Media.net employs more than 500 people in important centers such as New York, Zurich, Dubai, Los Angeles, Bangalore and Mumbai. Some platform publishers are Reuters, Forbes and Kiplinger.

Media.net mainly offers contextual advertising. It might take some time to optimize the ads on your website. The ad evaluates the content of your website and displays keywords that are relevant to the information around it. As the sample size increases, the algorithm identifies the keywords that get the most clicks and revenue for the given audience. Media.net accepts premium content websites, regardless of their size and scope. For this reason, you need to take a large number of samples on the web to properly calculate Media.net's revenue potential. It pays based on NET 30 and payments are made through Payoneer.

The network requires an average of two days to approve your application and pay an additional 10% of your income in the first three months. One way to differentiate this platform is with a dedicated account manager. Publishers who use Media.net have access to experts who answer questions and make recommendations.

3. Mediavine

Mediavine distributes 70% of the publisher's advertising share, which is cheaper than 68% determined by AdSense. The best publisher gets a 75% commission. This network was launched in 2004 from its headquarters in Florida, USA. Although it's free to register for Mediavine, your website must have at least 25,000 sessions in the past 30 days. Mediavine prefers to work with websites with organic traffic, which means your website ranks high in the search engines.

This evaluates Google Analytics on your website, and approval for this platform can be even more difficult than for AdSense. Mediavine does not accept websites targeting Asian countries such as Pakistan and Nepal. Your policy also does not allow signatories to work with other advertisers on their website.

The advantage of Mediavine is that you can see the details in your dashboard. You can use the graphs and graphics provided to evaluate your profits, ad units on your website and platforms with the greatest impact. Ads can slow down the loading speed and cause negative search engine rankings. Mediavine has tested various technologies to meet their ad placement and SEO strategy. Ads have also been tested on their blogs to make sure they don't slow down your website. Mediavine also has excellent customer service.

4. PropellerAds

Propeller Advertising is one of the largest pop sub-networks on the market. It started in 2011 and uses large CPMs to become a great company. The internet offers income from websites in a variety of niches, including games, entertainment, finance, dating, film and video. In addition to high-quality monetization services, Propeller Ads has an algorithm optimization technology to target relevant banner ads on websites.

This service is perfect for niche websites. The web offers direct links, banners, and pop-up ads for desktop and interstitials, and dialog ads for mobile devices.

Propeller Ad Publishers can choose between ePayments, Skrill, Payoneer bank transfers, bank transfers and PayPal. You can change the payment system at any time. The network pays its customers on a NET 30 basis, which means that your income will be paid every month when you meet the minimum requirements. You need at least $ 100 to receive your first payment. Additional payment is $ 25. The help center is available in several languages, although staff only speak English. This website is suitable for websites of all sizes, including websites with little traffic.

5. RevContent

RevContent was launched in 2013 and has seen high growth rates since then. Every month, more than 250 billion content recommendations are provided for top content marketers such as CBS and Forbes. RevContent offers unlimited API customization, responsive gadgets, and many gallery conversions. The network welcomes high-performance websites with monthly visits of more than 50,000. This does not affect quality and generally only approves 6% of total shipments.

RevContent offers support for a variety of demographic, geographical and contextual channels. The publisher has many gadget options, including technology, entertainment, and media gadgets. You can also see local business recommendations and ads. Original ads are very interesting because they blend with your content and what information is related.

The network user interface is intuitive and quite detailed and has one of the best transparent reports. Advanced analysis generates real-time statistics about the performance of your website. It pays 1 to 10 cents for each click and has an impressive collection of global advertisers.

6. Infolinks

Infolink is practical for beginners and can be used even with a little traffic. This platform has products that can be integrated seamlessly into your content so that your visitors cannot easily distinguish advertisements from website information. Your ad unit includes Intext, Inframe, and Intag. The index is based on keywords and the relevant display is displayed when the reader is attached to the line. You can enter 12 of these links per page. The infrastructure unit is a colored banner that is intended to attract the reader's attention. You can choose and adjust ad units that best suit your website.

Infolinks welcomes large or small publishers without setting fees. There is no minimal visitor application or page view. Joining InfoLink is fairly easy, but rejecting websites that contain offensive or illegal content.

The minimum amount for platform payments is $ 50 if you choose Payoneer, PayPal, eCheck and ACH. The minimum amount for a bank transfer is $ 200. Infolinks works seamlessly with mobile devices, so you can continue to earn money when readers can access your website from their cellphones. There are also plugins on the web to integrate popular websites such as Drupal, WordPress, and Blogger. Infolinks has worked with famous brands such as Hyundai, Amazon, Facebook, Trip Advisor and eBay.

7. Amazon Native Ads

Amazon is recognized as the largest online store in the world. It runs a successful partner program for publishers. Amazon is experimenting with various types of advertisements, including home ads. This ad is contextual. The ad code entered on your website scans the content and displays the most relevant ads. However, your commission depends on the actual turnover and between 4 and 8% depending on volume.

There are three types of local business advertisements on Amazon. Special ads allow you to specify the types of products you want to advertise on Amazon. Referral ads are sent by Amazon based on your visitors and the type of content you have sent. Search advertising allows you to make suggestions based on search terms that you or your readers have identified.

Contextual advertising is a better option for standard ads because you believe they are tailored to the type of content that your visitors will be interested in. Payonner payment method and check with a minimum of $ 100.

8. PopCash

PopCash uses Popunder ads for its ad network. This is relatively new to the advertising industry, which was founded in 2012 with its head office in Bucharest. Initially focused on desktop traffic, but started mobile traffic for accommodation in 2013.

Pop ads are valued by many customers because of their high conversion rates and ability to use them on desktop and mobile devices. Advertising on the web offers great CPMs and inventory for all countries.

Posters can download their payments online for at least $ 10. PopCash processes payments every day and is one of the few networks that choose to do this.

The minimum amount is also quite low compared to other networks. Publishers receive money 24 to 48 hours after sending their application. Withdrawals can be made via WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill and Paxum. Earnings can be made in Bitcoin. 24/7 support guaranteed through Yahoo, Skype and email. This network also includes a referral program that allows publishers to maximize their revenue.

9. Sovrn

Sovrn is another good alternative to Google AdSense. All candidates have their own websites, which are assessed by two advertising experts. These professionals are mainly looking for interesting content that attracts visitors. Unlike other advertising networks, Sovrn has no page view limits. He is more concerned with helping publishers of different sizes to improve their websites.

Sovrn serves more than 20,000 publishers who seem to like analytical tools. These features describe the performance of your website in terms of traffic and the engagement that attracts its content. Publishers can evaluate analytically to identify vulnerabilities and gain more insight about their readers. Sovrn believes in the simple concept that extraordinary content with moderate traffic will attract advertisers.

Sovrn offers various types of advertisements and products. Options will be further adjusted for individual platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. Publishers can also set eCPM prices for ads displayed on their website. The minimum net withdrawal threshold is $ 25 based on NET 30. Wire transfers are free and PayPal is available for global publishers.

10. Revenue Hits

RevenueHits is usually recommended for websites with little traffic or for websites outside of North America. RevenueHits focuses on pop advertising and you can use industries based on mobile devices, software, dating, coupons, games and entertainment. Publisher-friendly monetization options include direct links, touch screens, and desktop inserts.

RevenueHits doesn't serve ads that don't perform well on your site because sophisticated algorithms are used to determine which ads generate the most revenue.

There are no minimum traffic requirements and you can submit a website in any language. The web receives 2 billion impressions a day, so you can be sure that their ads are enough to make money. It has an ad-free solution that allows websites to offset the revenue that visitors get with ad blocking software.

11) Mgid

Mgid is one of the oldest internet companies currently focused on local advertising. The company has a strong presence and generally works with converted publishers and advertisers who want to drive traffic to their website and benefit from arbitrage traffic. The web has a number of popular websites, and websites with viral content tend to perform best with Mgid ads. You get a personal account manager who will help you embed and tag and suggest optimization strategies to further increase your overall ad revenue. If you have a heavy traffic viral site and AdSense doesn't work on that site, mgid might be a good recommendation for this site. Mgid is definitely one of the alternatives recommended by Taboola for small and medium publishers who want to integrate native ads into their ad packages.

Minimum traffic requirements: You must have at least 5,000 page views per day to qualify for Mgid Publishers. At the same time, your website must contain family-friendly content.

Mgid CPM Prices: The CPM prices offered by Mgid are higher, especially for viral and news websites with high lat traffic. You can expect a rate of between 50 cents to $ 2.

Mgid Payment Terms: Mgid pays for 30 days based on NET with a minimum of $ 100. Payment options include PayPal and bank transfer.

As shown above, there are good alternatives to Google AdSense. The network you choose is based on the type of data traffic you receive. For platforms with more than 50,000 readers, Mediavine or RevContent is the best choice. You can even combine two networks to maximize your sales. Media.net and RevenueHits seem to be a good combination based on user reviews. As learned by Google AdSense users, relying on risky solutions. Try to maximize various sources of income for internet marketing success.


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