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Basic SEO Tips To Take Your Blogspot Blog to Next Level

Have you created a free blogspot blog and hope to learn the SEO system to improve your blog?

Then you have come to the right place.

SEO is a very important part of a blog. To get this search engine traffic, you need to optimize your blog. Without SEO, it is very difficult to generate search engine traffic.

When it comes to blog optimization, it's easy to optimize WordPress blogs compared to bloggers. On WordPress you can use plugins to simplify tasks. Because Blogger is a free platform, Blogger has its own limitations and can only be optimized to a certain extent.

Therefore, every free platform has advantages and disadvantages. If you are new to blogs, you can use Blogspot to gain experience, learn basic techniques, and then switch to WordPress blogs.

With these basic SEO tips, you can make your blog more search engine friendly and increase the visibility of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogger Blog
1. Keyword Research
Why is keyword research important?
2. Plan your content
3. Blog post title optimization
4. Organizing Posts
5. Adding Meta Description
6. Optimizing Images
7. URL Optimization
8. Fighting against spammy comments.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogger Blog

1. Keyword research

Keyword review is the first step in improving a blog or website, be it Blogger or WordPress. Before we start searching for phrases, how do we see what keywords are?

Keywords are words, phrases, or questions that customers type into the web index when they search for something. Otherwise, keywords are referred to as hunting problems.

When these words or phrases are included in the web index return, web pages appear on search engine search results pages. This is a hunting case..

After you search for this search query, you will only get results that allow you to live in Singapore. This phrase will only make customers look for hotels in Singapore.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to check your watch. Here are a few different reasons

Why are keyword tests relevant?

Keywords make it easy for search engines to distinguish content.

If you search for a head frame, you will find what many people are looking for.

When you destroy the right keywords correctly. It will be easier to focus on the right target group.

Focusing on explicit keywords reduces specific hunts or specific points.

Buzzwords makes it easy to make certain points. If you remember this, you should do a proper keyword check before writing your contribution.

There are many tools that you can use to search for phrases. Here are 3 devices that I like

Google Keyword Planner (Free)
SEMscoop (Freemium)
SEMrush ( Use this link to get a free trial for 7 days)

Before we move on to the next point, remember that.

2. Plan your content

If you choose important keywords, you can use them carefully on your blog. Plan your fabric according to your keywords.

Put them in the best place. When I say that, don't put them anywhere. This makes your posts look uncomfortable and less convincing, and you may be penalized for filling in keywords. Create content around your keywords.

Use this key phrase to link to the post. Use keywords and appropriate words in the title of the title. Google likes equivalent words. Wear your discovery hat and change it to an interesting title.

You can create titles and subtitles using title labels. In Blogger, you can edit or edit page titles or post using the options available on your device.

How do headings work in Blogger?

First of all, it is most important to understand the 6 title names "h1"or title 1, which are the first and most important and make the "h6"
field or title 6 the last and most important title.

Currently on blogger

1 page title or publication title

Title 2 title

Item 3 - subtitles

Minor 4-position position

There is no title 5 and there is no title 6, and in fact you might not need much, and this title sends an autograph to Internet searchers for the content of your page or publication.

3. Blog post title optimization

One of the most important parts of a blog post is the title. This is one of the most important things that search engines see on web index results pages and which are also displayed in the program section. The title shows the post content for clients and web crawlers.

Enhanced titles contain exceptional value. It must be here, but it still needs to get the attention of seekers.

Another thing that you will see when you or a guest share your post with online web-based media, many interpersonal organizations will display the title of the post together.

When updating your title, keep in mind the following guidelines

Add phrases to your title, but don't try too hard. It should look good and attractive, not bad.

Maintain the title length of around 60 characters. Additional sections are replaced by ... on the results page, and you don't need them.

Add the name of your image to the title at the end.

You will understand the current assumptions more easily, for example you write an article about a vegetarian plan and look for a hard title. The main phrase here is "Vegetarian Loving Plans", with this expression you can make a title, for example,

Easy to prepare homemade vegetable lovers

5 simple cooking plans for vegetable lovers for lovers

A fast and easy Chinese plan for vegetable lovers.

In the model above, you can see that the title is around 60 characters long, you can finally enter your picture and by finding customers for the title you might find out what is in stock.

When you use these tips, that's the most important factor.

4. Organizing Posts

Like WordPress, we also have classifications and labels on Blogger that you can sort. These brands will help you handle your substance on a large and small scale.

After you use tags, your blog is easy to use. Guests can use these names to progressively search for related posts.

For example, with a small chance you will rate phones with Android, you can sort them in 3 classifications



for audition

Chances are that each customer hopes to look for more Android articles and related innovations and features. Visit the Android brand.

This makes your website easy to navigate, easy to understand, and guests can easily find the data. Before you enter a name, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don't use lots of names because it can be confusing, and it will be very difficult to monitor later.

Flagging will not take place until you have distributed donations.

The tagging is sensitive, meaning that Android and Android are two separate names.

Too many tags can contrast with your blog's SEO.

How do you embed a brand on Blogger?

You can only mark posts on Blogspot. If you want to include a label, visit the post that is distributed and see alternatives for entering a name in the post settings. Use commas to isolate the sign and click Finish to save changes.

You now know how to make your blog entries and make your blog more understandable.

5. Adding Meta Description

Metaport is the part of your blog that appears on web search results pages. This outlines the content of your blog and quickly mentions customers about your blog.

This is a model.

The meta rendering length is 150 characters on Blogspot.

How do you enable meta rendering?

To add meta rendering to your blog, go to Settings >> Search Tendencies >> Meta Tags. Actually, he is ready for mutilation. First, you should be able to see chases, insert images, and make changes to your backup.

Meta rendering is very helpful for expanding the click rate (Percentage of Active Visitor Clicks). Include meaningful phrases, don't fill in, and make important images for search engines to click on your blog.

6. Optimizing Images

Many bloggers are not ignored. First, the router or bot on the web cannot understand photos.

Overall, you need to take pictures first so that the bot can understand and recognize the type of photo. Photos not only make blogs active and increase engagement, but always when advanced users get additional traffic from images.

You can enhance your photos by adding alt content and titles to images. If you enable this option, you will get an image.

Adding alternative content and titles to photos is very important. All you have to do is choose the photo you uploaded and an alternative called "Property" will appear at the bottom of the photo.

After you select Properties, a pop-up menu will appear, where you can enter alternative content and titles of the image.

Point to remember- - Most of the old content is also called the old name, which is wrong.

Enter an alternative title and content and press OK to save. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you improve your image

Include correct and brief rendering of the true essence of the image and don't spam with phrases.

Use the correct document name. For example, a photo with the document name img1020.jpg has no meaning. The name of the photo must be important for the type of image.

Try not to take very long photos. Stay fast and painless.

7. URL Optimization

Another approach to improving your blog's SEO is to change the structure or links of persistent links and make it a better SEO.

Updating your URL not only improves the SEO of your blog, but also allows guests to think of the type of blog with little effort.

You can see in the photo above that I created an optimized URL, and just clicking the link will let customers know that there is content that is identified by an URL upgrade.

You might think so if you can exclude dates from the URL structure. The correct answer is no. You can only revise it to a certain extent.

This article isn't used much on Blogger. You only need to update the post URL, not the page.

Before we go any further, there are a number of things to consider when simplifications occur

Paste the time into the URL, but don't try too hard because the connection is inconvenient and you might be punished.

Don't use numbers and stop words. If the URL is not good, you can also enter it.

Make the URL short and direct.

This is far from good practice for using underscores (_) in the URL structure. Use hyphens (-) instead.

If you distribute Blogger posts, you cannot upgrade the URL later. Do this before distributing.

To redirect the URL to Blogger after you post a chapter in the posting settings and click it permanently.

When you choose a permanent connection, this of course is set to automatic permanent connection. Change Personal Personal Link and change the URL to suit your needs.

8. Fight against evil statements

Spam is the most annoying and inevitable problem on the web. It doesn't matter if you are a blogger or WordPress client, at one point or another you will get spam in your Description section.

If you are a WordPress client, you can use the Akismet module to avoid spam. However, on Blogger, you need to choose the annotation area carefully.

As the blog develops, there are more opportunities for people to send spam to the comments section. If you don't target the reminder area from the earliest starting point, there are also options. This might be a problem that you need to consider later.

How do I avoid blogger spam?

The agreement was direct. The first step is to enter a balance of values. Go to control notes

Settings >> posts, comments, and sharing

In the value segment you see alternatives to entering a value balance. Always choose.

As soon as a guest takes notes, he ends up on the checklist for comments. Without stretching too much, you can delete notes that have nothing to do with cloth or that contain unpleasant shortcuts.

The next step in this process is to prevent users from posting comments on your blog. When I use Blogger, everyone is ready because customers can post comments with important email addresses, names and websites. It is possible that you have just authorized control of the comment. I don't think you will need this.

Note - Currently set for users with Google accounts, certainly not for everyone.

I might recommend this if your blog gets a lot of spam, because if you change the settings in this alternative, guests can use Google's list as a note.

Use this only when needed.

You will find this alternative directly in the settings for credit notes. As should be seen from the screenshot above.

The opposite of what you can do to avoid uncomfortable comments is to start a word test. The option to authorize word verification is displayed directly under comment moderation.

You only need to change the selection to

In SEO its all about getting the basics right and then building on it with time.

Here is a Bonus tip
Once you are done changing the settings don’t forget to save the settings
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