Easily setup Facebook instant articles for your WordPress website (plus tips & tricks )

Want to know how to set up instant Facebook articles for your WordPress site? Just follow our step by step instructions and you will be done soon! But before we get there, let's see what instant Facebook posts are and why you should have them.

What is an instant Facebook post?
Even though we launched in 2015, there are still a number of blogs and websites that don't use instant Facebook articles. One of the main reasons is that it is not easy for them to arrange everything. And we know that this is one of the questions we get regularly. That's why we made this guide. Back to the core.

Instant Facebook articles are a way for Facebook to create stories that are faster, more interesting, and more interactive on Facebook. In general, this is an HTML5 file that is optimized for mobile devices and has powerful features to make your content more interesting. This provides a better user experience for anyone using a mobile device to navigate Facebook and websites. Because more than 50% of all website traffic worldwide is generated through mobile devices, instant Facebook posting is a must.

This feature hosts your items on Facebook, which significantly increases loading and delivery times.

The benefits of instant Facebook articles

One of the main articles for Facebook Instant is speed, hence lower bounce rates, more traffic, more SEO love. If users can quickly access your content, they are more likely to stay on your blog or website for longer. If you enable this function, your article will be loaded up to ten times faster than standard articles. Facebook articles help you instantly reach a wider audience, because speed increases the likelihood that users will share your content. Not to mention you have access to flexible monetization options:

You become part of the exclusive Audience Network
Control and serve Display Ads
Enable Branded Content feature for brand collaborations

All of that sounds too much to be true, but it's true. However, to be fair and objective, there are some minor disadvantages to instant Facebook articles. The service limits the use of photos, videos, and ad units. In addition, your entire blog or website cannot be displayed, only the article itself and only things that are directly related to this article. This means that the CTA, e-mail form or gadget is not visible to the reader. Finally, you need to get manual approval from Facebook. To make sure you are ready, go over Facebook’s Submission Checklist and see how to get approved.

Imagine this powerful tool on Facebook in combination with our fast and well-coded premium WordPress theme. This is like a match from heaven

So how can you publish instant Facebook posts to WordPress? Follow this guide and find out!

How do I make an instant Facebook article on my WordPress blog or site?
The first step
The first thing you need to do is register for instant goods. After setting up your account and accessing the publishing tools, you need to do the following:

Select the Facebook page that you want to use to manage your instant items.
Agree to the terms and conditions for instant items that include our advertising policies and guidelines.
To access the tool, click on Tool to publish it on your Facebook page and go to Instant Articles in the left navigation bar.

Second step
After you have done all this, it's time to develop and ship your items and start posting. And you start this by asking for your URL as follows:

Instant Articles – Configuration – Tools – Connect Your Site

This will open the code to be included in the blog / website code. In our case, select the page ID to copy and paste into the WordPress plugin for Facebook instant articles.

Third step
Choose the right WordPress plugin for instant articles and complete configuration. There are several plugins and we will see the most popular ones

Instant WP article

This is the official Facebook Instant Plugin in collaboration with Automattic and Decode. Install and paste the page ID into the Instant Articles setting. You must then return to the Publisher Tool to add the URL to your site and click the Request URL button. Once approved, you can post an instant Facebook post to your WordPress site. When activated, the plugin automatically generates RSS feeds for instant articles. Just add / feed / facebook-instant articles / extensions after your url, and you can access and share them on Facebook (set rss feeds for production):

as well as on other networks.

WP Native Articles

Free plugin that allows you to activate instant Facebook articles for WordPress blogs and sites. Once activated, WP Native Article automatically generates an instant version of the article for each of your WordPress articles. It comes with the integration of Google Analytics and several other Analytics plug-ins. You can also activate and control ads in instant articles through plug-ins.

The premium version offers additional functions such as:

Synchronization API
product management
Direct and individual synchronization
Item condition
Premium Support
and others. Fees start at $ 49 per year for a location.

Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages

This plugin manages instant articles and Google AMP pages directly from the dashboard of your WordPress site or blog. You can also optimize your content by automatically accepting existing content and optimizing page structure to meet requirements.

It comes with integration with Google Analytics as well as with Chartbeat, Parse.ly and more.

How do you know which Facebook feed articles are coming up soon and which ones are the usual? Easy! Instant articles have lightning in the upper right hand corner of the post.
What if I can't approve Facebook articles directly?
You can now receive the message "This page is not suitable for direct items." On the Facebook page that you want to use for instant items. If so, here are the reasons for checking and seeing how they can be resolved:

You are not a site manager.
Other administrators have instant articles that are preconfigured. Look at the publishing tool on your page to see if you already have instant article access.
Your site violates our revenue eligibility guidelines. Read the standards to learn how to make your instant article page relevant.
Your page does not meet our established Facebook presence standards.
Follow the standards, change your Facebook page accordingly, and try again. If nothing has changed, it is best to contact Facebook Support for more information and ways to improve your page.

Facebook article instant tips and tricks
1. Bookmark your instant articles.

You want Facebook users to remember you. So make sure your instant goods match the color palette of your brand. You can easily create and customize instant article styles without the help of a designer. Just use the style editor in the configuration function and play with the predefined templates. You can change colors, titles, own content and previews like logos, backgrounds, footnotes, captions, and more!

2. Track your instant article efforts
Another great feature that comes with instant items is analysis. You can track the involvement of your items using data provided by Facebook. If you use Google Analytics, you can also embed the same tracking tag as part of your instant article to include this data in the existing analysis tool.

3. Always check for errors
Download the Facebook Page Manager to preview, preview, and review your items before posting. This allows you to see that all your web content is transformed properly and completely correctly. It is always recommended to check it again before posting, because errors sometimes occur and articles will not be published properly in this case. You can fix this error using publishing tools or the original content of your website.

In short

As you can see, instant Facebook articles are a great way to further increase WordPress traffic and engagement. And it's not as difficult to set up as you might think. Thank you for this plugin and guide, hopefully.

Share this guide if you find it helpful and let us know what you think in an instant WordPress blog post. And if something isn't said, open the Facebook FAQ.


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