Since writing this post, I have found that ShopStyle is rather ingenious. I used your program for about a year and quickly reached the $ 100 payment threshold. At that time, I made about 5 cents per click, so it didn't take too long to reach that threshold. But after my first payment, I noticed that I didn't do as many clicks. That percentage drops to around one hundred per click, then half a cent, and then to the CLICK CENTER SATELLITE. I'm not kidding ($ 4/4000 clicks = $ 0.001 per click):

In general, I post a link to ShopStyle for free on my blog and they get all the actual benefits from recommendations from the brands that I link to. That is not cool.

I turned to them and they said something like "most likely due to the fact that your conversion rate will drop slightly" but even if my conversion rate reaches the highest level I have ever had, I do only a fraction of a hundred per click.

So, TLDR, use ShopStyle for the first $ 100 if you want, but there's no point in using it after that. Switch to award style and join the Amazon affiliate program.

I am leaving this post because at this time I cannot redirect this page so people who intend to use ShopStyle will see this warning!

Let me tell a success story very quickly. A few months ago, I got less than $ 5 a month from all my partner relationships. I received more than $ 100 from this month's affiliate program. One hundred dollars might sound like a small monthly salary, but it's nice to know that with a little work I can expect a decent amount of money!

However, this money does not just come out. I discovered ShopStyle Collective last year when I decided to take part in a number of blogger modes (we all have these moments, right?). I think if they can make a lot of money by posting links, why doesn't that work for me too? So I started to add a number of links to my posts in the hope that there would be a lot of money.

Ha, I should have known that wouldn't happen.

I might get a few cents a day for several months. Then, a few weeks ago, when I seriously considered monetizing my blog, I had a plan to use my ShopStyle link more strategically and magically, and the money started rolling. Now I feel like I have things under control, I want to share this strategy with you!

Many companies offer partner programs that can be registered by almost anyone. When you register (the affiliate page is usually at the bottom of the website), you will receive a special tracking code link so the company knows that you are the people who will direct customers to their website. When someone clicks on your link, you usually get a commission in the form of cash or other rewards.

Some websites only offer a commission if the person who clicks the link buys a product from a retailer, but others (like ShopStyle Collective) offer a commission every time someone clicks on your link!

Shopstyle is a shopping search engine that brings together products from hundreds of brands on one website. The ShopStyle Collective affiliate program allows bloggers and other influencers to create links and gadgets for these products that they can share with their followers. You get paid every time someone clicks on this link. So if used correctly, you can make money quickly and easily!

If you are not a fashion blogger, don't deviate from the idea of ​​a shopping website! I'm not a fashion blogger, but I still find success using this program. I will also show you some strategies for various blogs!

First create your ShopStyle Collective account and familiarize yourself with the user interface. You can also visit the regular ShopStyle page and search for products in the navigation bar.

Lists are useful for grouping products into specific categories. You can make a list and add products by clicking on the heart below the product photo:

To connect, open the ShopStyle Collective dashboard and select Search in the sidebar. From there, search or find the product you want to link to, or choose from one of your lists. Move the mouse pointer over it and select Copy link:

You can also use the "Create" button in the sidebar. However, I prefer this route because you can easily choose products from the list you made!

Widgets are powerful tools that allow you to display many products on your blog simultaneously, along with price and brand information. Go to Create> Create Widget and select all the items that you want to include. Then click Create in the upper right corner and specify the dimensions. You can also choose what information will be displayed in the widget, although I always choose the "Show stop date" option!

Finally, name your widget and choose Publish. You will receive a code that you can copy and paste anywhere on your website, e.g. B. in your post.

2. Determine your target group and goals
My initial mistake was that I didn't think about who would click on my link - I just placed it everywhere. Find out what your target audience is and limit the types of links you need to post and the types of posts you need to write.

If your audience is only female students, you should look for fashionable clothes and accessories that many people want to wear. For example, by limiting your target audience to 20 complicated things that have a large budget, you can choose more specific elements that are more relevant to your target audience. This link generates more clicks because most of your target group is interested in the items you are advertising.

The number one thing to successfully using affiliate links is not to place the links and widgets so that you feel comfortable and expect people to click on them. Instead, you want to write a post that catches the attention of this link and asks the audience to click on it. Here are some shipping options that I think are the most successful:

Being able to teach someone how to do something is a powerful tool in the blog world, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you can convince someone that they can achieve something useful with the product that you are promoting, you will most likely click on your link.

Guides are also good for search engines because they are filled with keywords and phrases that match general search queries. If the reader enters your product name, your contribution will appear on this homepage. To do this, you need to write great lessons that solve real problems while still referring to the product you want to promote!

Below are a few examples of lessons related to possible links to ShopStyle:

Teach someone how to achieve a certain style / hair / makeup style and share the product that you are using
Show how to use the product in different ways
Post a post that says "How do I pack for travel?" And state all the products that you will carry.

Easy to write, but sometimes difficult to fill in, a list is an easy way to put multiple links in one post. Make sure the list you make is clear, because many posts in the fashion list are very busy now! For example, instead of making a Fall Essentials list, you can set Fall Essentials to fit a short boot.

Widgets are your best friends for this type of post. Instead of referring to each and every product that you include, you can throw all products into a widget that can be rolled out by your readers and see photos / prices in one place.

Here are some ideas for a list to continue:

Road base for certain trips
Practicing clothes for a yoga session
Makeup products look like the New Year
Business bag for women when traveling
Now I write all of this, I want to be a fashion blogger!

Of course, this is one of the most popular applications for ShopStyle connections. If you are a fashion blogger, you must publish your toilet at any time (or continuously). With ShopStyle-Links you can easily connect your readers to any clothing item, along with make-up and alternative styles. Isabella from Yap, It's Prep implemented this strategy very well and achieved a lot of success with ShopStyle!

I'm not a fashion expert, so I won't send a list of clothes to send (I wear leggings and t-shirts almost every day), but here are some common choices you can develop:

Day off
Holiday restroom
Professional interview attire
Target group of tourists

After seeing hundreds of dresses on Pinterest, I decided that ShopStyle was only for fashion bloggers. I was very surprised to know that ShopStyle offers many fashion items! In fact, my most successful post was my college shopping list, where I listed all the hostels needed and added widgets from my favorite hostels. I found bed sets, showers, travel bags, kitchen utensils and many other cool items that I wanted to include in the widget.

One of the easiest ways to add a ShopStyle link to your blog is to create a page that contains all your favorite products. You can link this page to the navigation bar so that all your readers know where the products you recommend are! I will create separate widgets for various categories (tops, shoes, cosmetics) and navigation systems that your readers can click on and find what they want. This way you get more clicks because you don't need to browse the old widget to find something interesting!

Do you remember how I said last year that I met blogger mode? Well, I do not follow their blog. I followed their glass. Many bloggers don't even intend to make Tumblr because they believe they created a new blog. However, this is not true at all! Creating Tumblr is a great way to expand your blog and social reach. I also found a very successful ShopStyle user there.

One of the best features of Tumblr is that other people can ask questions that you can post as posts that appear in all of your followers' feeds. The strength is that when you establish yourself as a fashion expert, people ask you for advice. I see a lot of questions "Which clothes will you wear * enter the situation *" and users can only answer with the ShopStyle Link! Of course, you are not immediately known for Tumblr, so here are some suggestions for using Tumblr:

Add quotes from your blog to Tumblr posts and link to your original posts
Give tips every day to inspire trust and interest among other Tumblr users
Post a picture of your clothes and enter the ShopStyle link on the label
Ask other Tumblr users questions to find out your name
I am not at all close to Tumblr experts, but only by including in my biography that I am a blogger who offers blogging tips, I have received several questions from users who are wondering how to create my own blog. You can find my Tumblr here to see what it all is!

Now that you have a strategy, it's time to use it! You might not see immediate success, but when your post is published on social media, you will see an increase in clicks and earnings. Note that you will not be paid until you receive a profit of $ 100. This may take the first time, but then you can do the right thing every month!

If you are interested in creating your own blog, I wrote a tutorial to help you create a WordPress blog for one lat a month. I only make money from blogs when I switch to self-hosted WordPress and recommend this route to new and old bloggers! Do you have questions about starting and running a blog or is your own host suitable for you? I am glad to help!


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