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How to Fix You’ve Lost Access To Instant Articles - Low Readership

Instant Articles is a new way for any publisher to create interactive articles quickly on Facebook. Not all websites are the same. You can check whether your website is suitable for Facebook articles directly if you have a relevant Facebook page. Yes, you heard that correctly. You need two things, a quality website and Facebook.

How do I check if a website meets the requirements for instant Facebook articles?
To determine whether your website is suitable for direct or current Facebook articles, you need direct Facebook articles. If you don't have this, contact me. I can get it for you.

The next step is to go to the Tools section to post on your Facebook page. Then go to Configuration in the left hand menu under Instant Articles. Scroll to the Tools section and click Connect to your site.

Enter your domain name without http: // or https: // and click Submit URL. If you find an error, your website is not eligible for direct Facebook articles. Registering example.com includes root example.com, subdomains with prefixes such as brand.domain.com and foreground paths like example.com/path or subdomain.example.com/path.

How do you check if your Facebook page is suitable for direct Facebook articles?
Simply open https://www.facebook.com/instant_articles/signup and if your page name appears in the list, then qualify for the article directly. If you don't qualify, you can get it from me.

How to fix lost access to an instant item
For more information about this problem, please refer to Facebook Instant Policy. But basically there are two questions. Traffic or content. My point is that your Facebook page does not generate a lot of traffic to your website or that your website content does not meet Facebook's guidelines. The most common causes lately:

1. The publisher is not active
You might lose access to instant articles because you are considered an inactive publisher. On Facebook, publishers must now publish at least one article every 90 days.

The production library and then send it for review.

2. low legibility
You are blocked because your article has a minimum number of readers (which they have never explained) or does not currently meet the content guidelines for instant articles.

Instant Facebook articles with a minimum number of readers

Solution: Try to increase traffic. You should get at least 500-1000 clicks on your link every day in a row. Then create at least 10 new items in your production library and submit them for review.

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3. Failure to meet the approval standard for monetization
You lost access to instant items because your page does not meet Facebook's approval standards. To use instant articles, your site must meet their standards, even if you don't monetize your site.

Decision: Use this opposition form.

To access Facebook viewers' monetization capabilities, content creators and publishers must comply with Facebook's terms and conditions, including the following.

Meet our community standards
Please pay attention to our payment terms
Please pay attention to our terms of use
Follow our content guidelines for monetization
Share authentic content
Establishing an established presence

The final solution is to promote your facebook page by sponsoring online ads for your website.

You also have to select your audience depending on the country you come from. If you are from Albania and your online media is in the language you should choose Albania to launch promotional ads for your blog. This allows you to easily get the clicks needed for your site. You should also be careful with the ARTICLES or the content of your page, the articles must be original as well as why this content is not ultimately endorsed by FACEBOOK.

THIS ARTICLE APPLIES ONLY FOR LOW TRAFFIC PAGES. You can pay for your site ads depending on the amount afforded to you. I suggest advertising with a sum of $ 15.

Also I have 3 pages which enjoy instantarticle approval see the photo below:

Good locky!
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