How to verify your website to Propellerads Ultimate Guide

How do I get started as a Publisher? Add and verify your website(s)

How do I get started as a Publisher? Signing Up.We are happy to present our platform to get money from your access. You can be part of our network and earn money by running our ads.

The registration and integration process is quite simple, but let's go through it step by step.
1) Sign up to create your PropellerAds Publisher account
The registration process is easy and 100% free. Visit our registration page, select the type of account you want to create (individual account or company account) and fill out the registration form.

Contact information area:

Email - You must enter a valid email address where we will send an activation link before you can complete your registration.
Telephone - your mobile number
Messenger - nickname on Messenger - your nickname on Skype, ICQ or QQ Messenger (enter N / A if you don't have one)
Website - Your active website URL
Please ensure that you have read our terms of use and then click "Register".

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Just click and your email address will be linked to your PropellerAds account.

To complete your registration, you need to create and confirm a password to log in to your account.

Please note that the security of personal data, registration and passwords is the user's responsibility. For this reason, we ask you to create a secure password.

2) Enter the publisher administration area.
After registration is complete, you can access the PropellerAds Publisher panel with your email address and password.

Don't worry if you forget your password because you can reset it at any time (just click the "Forgot your password?" Button and follow the instructions).

Next step - add and review your website.

How do I get started as a Publisher? Add and verify your website(s)

To start running ads and making money, you need to add your website to our system and choose the ad format that your website wants to display.

Click on the "Site" section and select the "Add Site" option. Then enter your website's domain name and click "Add site".

In order to verify your website, please copy provided code.

If you use the Blogger website, Instructions for blogger / blogspot. How do I check my blogger / blogspot site?
Blog Check Site.

Follow all the steps in "How do I get started as a publisher?" manual and get your verification tag.

2) Copy the code provided and paste it into the HTML editor of your Blogger account.

3) Open the "Topics" section in your Blogger account and click "Edit HTML".

4) Set the confirmation tag under .

Good reminder: You should close the tag with />

5) Then just click "Confirm" in your PropellerAds account.

Congratulations! You have successfully verified your blog

WordPress statement. How do I confirm my website.
Wordpress site verification cannot be verified.

How do I check my WordPress website?
Follow all steps in this manual.
Click on the Sites section and select the "Add Site" option. Then enter your website's domain name and click "Add site".

Copy the code provided to confirm your website.

3. Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the Appearance section then choose Editor.

4. Select the topic title file (header.php) from the topic file in the right column and enter the PropellerAds review label in the editor under the tag.

5. Return to the publisher area and click the Review button.

How do I start as a publisher? Create ad channels.

After your site is verified, you need to create an ad channel by clicking the "Create Zone" button.

Select the type of ad zone you want to create (Onclick (Popunder), Original Subscription, Smart Link (Interstitial), Interstitial) and click "Get Tag".

Then all you have to do is get the code for your ad zone.

Next step - Paste the ad channel tag on your website.

How do I start as a publisher? Paste the tag into your website's ad channel.

Paste HTML into the source code of the pages of your website.

Remember that placing ad scripts in your website's source code is very important because this affects the opening of your ad and your results. It must be placed on on your website. The higher the placement of the code, the better your results. Please note that placing ad code below the section can lead to incorrect ad performance.

a) For Popunder and Interstitial Ads, the code must be entered immediately after the tag.

b) For original subscriptions, ad scripts must be entered after the tag

And then you have it!

As soon as you enter the channel tag, your ad will automatically appear on your website and generate revenue.

You can add up to 10 channels for each website.

The smart algorithm of PropellerAds and our optimization team always work on your website and look for the right ad to raise your price. Please note that it may take 3-7 days to achieve the best results.

We wish you all the best, dear publishers!


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