Step by step instructions to Introduce Layouts IN BLOGGER

Introducing a blogger format is straightforward and straightforward.

Blogger is easy to keep up and quick to work unreservedly to oversee.

BLOGGER is overseen by Google which empowers bloggers - Google account holders to distribute articles on their web journals controlled by blogger. You can utilize many free documents gave by the google blogger organization, or download a format on the web or make your very own XML layout to transfer to your blog.

This article will help you how to introduce another format on your Blogger blog.

How about we approach things slowly and carefully:

Once signed into the authority website, the subsequent advance is to tap on "sign in to your google account".

Once logged in to your google blogger account, head over to "Theme".
Then click on "backup / restore"

Once you have clicked on "backup / restore".
The next step is to select your xml file to upload "your new file" click on "choose file".

The following stage is to transfer your format, xml document from your PC or portable.
Once you have selected your new blog template for your blogger click on "open" ..
And the final step is: click on "upload"

The final step is when you click on "upload" then your blogger blog will have a new look.

Keep in mind that some bloggers are not complicated and some things need to be left to be completely completed.


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