Top 15 Paywall Services for Publishers

Paywall is a method of limiting user access to content for free. Paid subscription is not a new concept. The most popular publishers such as the New York Times, Wired and Digiday have paid for the wall on their website. Specialized research media such as eMarketer and Statista use Paywall to limit access to their content.

Paywall type
Solid Paywall: Website content is only available to users who subscribe.
Paid Wall Measurements: Firewalls monitor the amount of content resources users can access and ask them to subscribe after certain free content thresholds have been exceeded.
Dynamic Paywall: Publishers track users who often use content on their website and ask those who are more involved to log in to get additional access.
There are also free, unpaid subscription bulletin boards that are often used by publishers and retailers to collect their potential customer contact information, such as: B. Email address. They do this to keep them occupied with content and maintain them until they become paid users or customers.

Is Paywall the Right Choice for You?

In 2010, The Times added a solid paywall to its website and saw a 90% decrease in the number of visitors. On the other hand, The New York Times increased its revenue by 40% in 2017 by implementing a subscription plan. Of course, Paywall is not for everyone. If you want to get started, you need to know the pros and cons.


Alternatives to monetizing content: Paywall makes it easy to monetize content simply by asking users to pay for content. For publishers, it guarantees a reliable source of income and serves as a motivation for creating high-quality content for consumers.
Industry impact: With high-quality content, publishers can build strong readers and help them grow in certain niches. With a better user base and better industry influence, publishers can create status across industries.
Adblocker Monetization: It takes time and effort to create good content and make most publishers make money by displaying ads on their website. however
ad blocked audience significantly reduces profit
In this case, the publisher can monetize content without having to run ads using paywall and get a good user experience.


Difficult to maintain consistency: When users are asked to pay for content, they expect content that is worth the money. With this in mind, publishers may have difficulty meeting the frequency of high-quality content.
Unhealthy for SEO: If a user cannot access a website due to paywall, this leads to an increase in bounce rate. This further lowers SERP's position throughout the site, which ultimately leads to it,
declining organic traffic

Competitive disadvantage: Users who don't subscribe are often frustrated because of inaccessible content on the website. As a result, they look for alternative sources in the same industry and create a paywall paradox - a phenomenon that increases the traffic of your competitors who don't pay through your website.

The Best Paywall Publisher Service

1. LaterPay

LaterPay offers payment services for publishers, bloggers, influencers, and video content creators. The company claims to increase sales by offering a later pay feature called dynamic paywall. In general, users can access free content until the amount due is $ 5 or more. LaterPay wants to increase sales by 2.5 times.

Integration options: WordPress plugins, API integration, and JavaScript integration
Price: standard 15% of sales
Publishers use LaterPay: PULP, Salon, VRM, buchreport.

2. Leaky Paywall

Leaky Paywall Zeak101 is a flexible digital publishing solution that allows you to configure scalable, hybrid and solid canvas along with a membership platform. With Leaky Paywall, publishers can customize their campaigns to suit content users. Additional features include site access, campaign management, and reporting tools.

Integration options: WordPress Plugin
Price: PubCare ($ 120 / month), PubCare Manager ($ 295 / month), iOS and Android applications ($ 199 / month)
Publishers use Leaky Paywall: iPolitics, Modern Drummer, Harvard University, Austin Monitor.

3. MediaPass

MediaPass, use A / B testing to improve payment services for publisher websites. With a simple implementation of code in one line, publishers can add measurable and freemium utilities. The consumer payment feature allows users to choose a one-time, monthly or annual subscription. MediaPass offers a responsive design, i.e. the size of the CTA is automatically adjusted to different user screens without further optimization.

Integration options: WordPress Plugin
Price: profit sharing model
Publishers use MediaPass: CBS, Ogden Newspapers, GateHouse Media.

4. MemberGate

MemeberGate,is a member website solution that has been supporting subscription websites for more than 18 years. The company is fully responsible for testing and optimizing fabric walls to ensure everything works well. Additional services include subscription management, tracking of suspicious activities, and transaction management.

Integration options: Pay for software to access all plugins
Price: Beginner ($ 97 / month), New Marketers ($ 197 / month), growth rate ($ 247 / month), and special business packages
The publisher uses MemberGate: SportsRehabExpert, DanceStudioOwner, Club Rhino.

5. MPP Global Solutions

MPP Global Solutions
, offers eSuite, which enables publishers to monetize their users through a solid, soft and scalable payment wall. To simplify the process, the company offers CRM services on a cloud platform. In addition to the Paywall service, the company helps publishers convert, store and report data to help them make decisions.

Integration options: JavaScript integration
Price: Individual prices according to publisher needs
Publisher demands MPP Global Solutions: Daily Mail, The Irish Times, Racing Post.

6. Multipub

is a subscription management system for publishers. The company offers automated solutions for subscription-related tasks such as accounting, marketing and CRM updates, which also help in segmenting and managing target groups. The subscription window also makes it easy for users to activate / deactivate subscription updates.

Integration options: API integration
Price: Special price based on publisher size / niche
Publishers use Multipub: ACBJ, University of Hawaii Press, Fastline Publications.

7. Pelcro

Pelcro,is a content subscription platform for publishers that offers dynamic paywall solutions that adapt to the behavior, location, and user device. Pelcro analysis helps publishers better understand consumer journeys. The solution uses AI to display premium payment calculations or walls for users who frequently visit the site.

Integration options: WordPress Plugin
Price: 7 day free trial. Prices start ($ 99), advanced ($ 450), professional ($ 800) and personalized solutions
Publishers use Pelcro: Newsweek, The Hockey News, Arkansas Times.

8. Piano Media

Piano With publishers can build personalized digital experiences and business relationships with consumers. The company offers Paywall solutions for more than 1,200 digital companies worldwide. Publishers can create subscription plans and increase their conversions by personalizing their goals.

Integration options: JavaScript integration
Price: Individual prices based on business needs
Publishers use Piano Media: Business Insider, Tech Crunch, AdAge.

9. Pigeon Paywall

Pigeon Paywall by SabraMedia is a secure paywall solution for publishers that offers a solid and scalable paywall solution. This allows publishers to design their own campaigns and develop better conversion strategies. The company also offers training to publishers and their teams to optimize paid walls for more profits.

Integration options: plug-in software for CMS (including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal)
Price: 10% of sales + $ 99 monthly customer support fees
Publisher using Pigeon Paywall: Not available.

10. PayRead

PayRead by Fortumo is a subscription solution for websites and mobile applications. The company charges customers using its SIM card. Fortumo believes that card payments cause friction when users take several steps to make payments. While SIM card payments are fast, easy, simple and safe. PayRead works with more than 350 mobile operators worldwide to offer unlimited services.

Integration options: web widgets and SDK integration
Price: profit sharing model
Publishers use PayRead: Aftonbladet, OLX Group, Spotify.

11. Recurly

Recurly Continually designs developing and using subscription management software that can create subscription plans, collect payments, and manage the customer base. Flexible setup allows publishers to design multiple subscription packages and discount packages specifically for consumers. Repeatedly not only managing subscriptions, but also helping publishers with their retention strategies.

Integration options: API integration
Price: transaction basis,% of sales and monthly base fees
Publishers use regularly: AccuWeather, Twinkle, BarkBox.

12. Subscription Genius

Subscription Geniusoffers subscription and electronic list management for digital publishers. This platform allows publishers to divide the site into high-end users and non-premium users, with publishers editing high-end content and only seeing high-end users.

Integration options: Plugin added to CMS
Price: Not available on the website
Publishers with genius subscriptions: Omaha, Deputy, Lucky Peach.

13. Varnish Software.

Varnish Software is a content delivery solution that also offers a paywall solution. The company offers solid, bespoke and bespoke canvas walls for publishers and media companies. Paywall Varnish is known to focus on UX and allows content to be sent quickly. That ensures that control is always in the hands of the publisher.

Integration options: Plugin added to CMS
Price: Not available on the website
Publishers use Varnish Paywall: BBC, The Hindu, LiveJournal.

14. Zlick

Zlick offers a subscription management solution with a built-in feature that allows users to read a brief description of a post and then ask them to subscribe. Other features include tracking users with Zlick's internal algorithm to create better campaigns. The company also claims to offer free payment solutions to online publishers and media companies.

Integration options: Not available
Price: special price
Publish homes by clicking: Bonnier, Postimees, DNA.

15. Zuora
Zuora created special software for businesses to start subscribing to. They can also launch and manage subscription campaigns and the entire customer life cycle is managed by the company. Zuora provides global payment publishers that users can assess to improve overall performance.

Integration options: Not available
Price: special price
Zuora Publisher: Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Seattle Times.


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