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How to unblock Domain / Website URL on Facebook!

How do I unlock my website on Facebook?
How to post a blocked URL or unblock your website on Facebook! (100% functioning): Facebook is a social platform that is no higher than known users. This has become an ecosystem where Facebook can improve its consumer security policies. Most people now invest 30 to 50 percent of their time on social media. Because of the large number of users, Facebook is aware of the misuse of its services, which are free for everyone in the world.
Here is the solution to unblock your website's url on Facebook. Unlock your domain from Facebook by following the steps below.
Let's find out why the website is blocked.
We are now discussing why the website URL is blocked on Facebook. or Why users are prohibited from sharing links to their websites on the Facebook page timeline. These questions come with the answers. Websites like Facebook have many functions that run automatically. This is called artificial intelligence.

Reasons to block the website.
We all know that Facebook and many other websites have changed policies there. After changing these guidelines, dangerous websites are blocked. Facebook has taken this step to improve the safety of its users. It also blocks several safe website URLs. The reason for this is wrong reporting. I mean that will happen because strangers report your website on Facebook as spam. That's my guess. However, no one has manually blocked your website's URL or blocked you by sharing your website's URL. This is a machine program that receives instructions from you and was developed by the Facebook development team. If you try to act intelligently and continuously share your website URL in comments or other periods or on other pages or on your own pages, this will be recognized as spam or misleading content.

Find a place where you can get all the decisions related to Facebook. This is Facebook's help
Steps to open a website URL on Facebook.
Open Facebook Help to search.
Visit the Facebook debug page to share.
Enter your website URL in the debug box and click the debug button.
You will now receive the message "We cannot display this website because the content does not meet our community standards. If you think this is a mistake, let us know."

Now Click on "let us know" on this page.
Now you are at Facebook Block Page. Here you can request Facebook to unblock your website.

Write an application now to unlock your website's URL.
Send by clicking the Send button.
Now wait up to 24 hours because this request was made by the Facebook team on TV. and I hope for positive results.
The following is the application format for unlocking your website on Facebook.
Format the application to unblock a website url on Facebook.
Good morning on Facebook!
With extreme caution, I would like to point out that my website URL has been blocked on Facebook. I recently discovered the URL of my website: https://www.websitename.com, which is blocked on Facebook, and I am not permitted to share links between pages and timed links to my website.
I have not opposed your policy. I apologize for inadvertently violating Facebook's policy.
Unlock my website URL and activate the link. Thanks to the Facebook team for making it a safe place for everyone.
Unlock my website.
URL: https://www.yourwebsite.com
Thank you in advance.
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