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How to Verification Facebook Domain.

What is Domain Verification?
This rule was posted on facebook, to counter fake news posted on its website, Facebook has made some changes to attachment editing policy . With this change, only verified website owners can make thumbnails, article titles, and link descriptions if they share a link to their Facebook page.

Once the link to the Facebook page is released, Facebook first checks if the link is from a controlled domain and then ensures that the Facebook page can edit the attachments for this page.

A domain control tells Facebook who owns the site. During the process, add the code to your website that Facebook will ask to confirm. After the review, you can link your Facebook page to the domain you are checking out, so Facebook knows it's a good idea for this site to edit the attachments to this site.

Note that customizing attachments for Facebook groups is currently not possible, despite domain control.

For whom is the domain checked?
Domain Checker is intended for anyone who has a website and wants to check the look of their links share links when posting on Facebook.

Without domain verification, you cannot edit thumbnails or edit headlines or link descriptions when sharing links from your website.

Follow the steps below to set up domain verification for your site. This is not the easiest or fastest process. We suggest you drink coffee!

Step 1 - Add Your Domain to the Business Manager on Facebook
1 Open Facebook Business Manager .

2 Click on Business Settings.

Click Brand Safety in the left sidebar, then select Domain.

Click Add and enter your domain in the pop-up window.

Step 2 - check your domain
There are two methods for checking your Facebook page: DNS validation and HTML file upload. Both are explained below.

DNS Verification.
If you choose this method, you must upload the TXT file to your web host.

You must first take the TXT entry from Facebook Business Manager. To do this, click on the DNS Checker tab.

Then log in to your domain provider account and go to the DNS Records section.

Add the TXT record that was copied from Facebook to your DNS record. Please note that you might need to add @ to the host field for multiple domain hosts. Following are the right steps for several common DNS providers.

As soon as the changes have been transferred to your domain's web server, click the button to activate them in the Facebook DNS DNS section for the selected domain.


This change usually only takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 72 hours. You will see that the status is displayed as marked (green dot) after completion.
Leave the TXT record in your DNS record because it can be checked periodically for verification purposes.
Upload an HTML file
Or, you can check your domain by uploading an HTML file to your site.

Click the Upload HTML File tab.

Download the HTML verification file

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