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This brilliant hidden iPhone feature shows one of iOS’s biggest advantages over Android

Younger smartphone fans might not use a cell phone long enough to do this. In fact, there was a time in the smartphone industry when Apple's iOS platform and Google's Android platform dominated the industry. In fact, there is no smartphone operating system in the global smartphone market that has sufficient strength as a Symbian operating system. Platforms like Symbian, Windows Mobile, and even previous versions of the BlackBerry operating system dominate the industry - yes, really, there was a time when BlackBerry had a decent market share. However, these times are long gone, because the iPhone and Android have completely reversed the industry.

There are a number of reasons why iOS and Android can not only dominate the smartphone platforms before, but this new cellular operating system completely destroys it. In fact, Apple and Google are so dominant that they not only killed Windows Mobile, but also Windows Phone, a platform created by Microsoft to replace Windows Mobile. Of all the reasons Android and iPhone have outperformed competitors, one thing is extraordinary: this new platform has stopped telling people what to do with smartphones and has started doing it. leave what they want to do with a smartphone. And the most interesting thing is the fact that they do this in various ways.

This is a big topic that we often discuss here, but smartphone platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile have gone awry. Even the simplest features are very complex, and the main application installed on a cellphone is almost the only application used. That's right - until Apple founded the App Store in 2008, there really was nothing like the application portal on the device. If you want to install third-party applications on your cellphone, you must find it online on your computer, download it, then synchronize with your cell phone. That's silly from the back, but it's the only choice people have if they want to expand the capabilities of their smartphones.

Here iOS and Android get their money's value. This platform not only throws a number of broken applications into user groups, but also offers a set of simple applications that handle core functionality and then opens the door to a number of additional functions thanks to each application store. This is the basis for the two platforms that are being built, but it differs dramatically from there.

Apple's iOS platform is very controlled, which has advantages and disadvantages compared to Google's open approach to Android. On the one hand, this gives consumers far less freedom. On the other hand, Apple can focus on things that Android first thought of ... like security and privacy. The beginnings of Android were like the wild west, and although Google had to restore things due to external pressures, privacy and security at first sight remained a consequence of Google. However, with the iPhone, privacy and security remain very important, and the amazing hidden features that we have encountered this weekend are an excellent reminder.

In a thread over on Reddit
In the iPhone submenu, users share news about the amazing features that they find on their iPhones. It's very simple, but very meaningful about Apple's approach to privacy and security. The following occurs when you take a screenshot of any page in the iPhone password list:

This brilliant hidden iPhone feature shows one of iOS’s biggest advantages over Android This brilliant hidden iPhone feature shows one of iOS’s biggest advantages over Android Reviewed by Uni0n on January 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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